Basement waterproofing keeps your home safe and dry

Why You Should Waterproof Your Basement

Basements are the most likely area of your home to flood, and water can get in in a variety of ways. If you haven’t invested in basement waterproofing, your home could suffer severe damage. Even a small drip from a leaky pipe can lead to serious problems in your house. While it may initially cost you more to have your basement properly protected against water damage, you’ll save time and money in the long run by avoiding future problems.

Causes of Water Damage

Heavy rainfall isn’t the only way your basement can experience a flood. Nearly all of the pipes in your home run through the basement to deliver water to your faucets. If these pipes are old or damaged, they could burst or crack. A burst pipe can flood your basement just as much as a hurricane. And even a slow drip can spread out and cause serious damage.

Humidity is also a leading cause of water damage. Moisture in the air can be just as detrimental as standing water, causing mold growth and ruining furniture or stored goods. Unfinished basements with poor ventilation are particularly susceptible to high humidity. It’s important to defend your home against all sources of water damage, even those you can’t see.

Signs of Water Damage

You may not always be able to immediately notice if there’s water damage in your basement, especially if the cause is a leaky pipe. However, there are some early signs that can point you to water damage before it becomes too much of a hassle. Signs of water damage include:

  • Increased water bill without extra water use
  • Musty scent (a common sign of mold growth)
  • Peeling or bubbling wallpaper
  • Discolored spots on wall
  • Bowed or bent flooring

If you notice these signs, it’s important to call a home inspector as soon as possible to determine if there’s any water damage.

Basement Waterproofing Techniques

There are many ways you can waterproof your basement and protect your home from water damage. If your home floods easily, you can have a drainage system installed in either your yard or your basement to help divert water. You can also have your pipes inspected and updated to help prevent cracks and bursts. Water commonly sneaks in around doors and windows with a weak seal, so installing watertight seals around all entrances to your home can also help waterproof your basement and keep your home safe and dry.

Basement Waterproofing with HS Restoration

At HS Restoration, our goal is to help your home stay dry and clean from all sources of water damage. Our basement waterproofing services will identify any potential threats, allowing us to create a custom waterproofing plan that will prevent water damage in your home. Our phone lines are open 24/7 to respond to any emergency situation at 609-975-0696, and our waterproofing services will ensure you’ll never need the emergency response.