Regular mold inspection can protect you and your home

Why You Should Have Your Home Regularly Inspected for Mold

Your home should be a safe haven, a place where you and your family can feel comfortable and healthy. But when you have mold in your house, that safety is threatened. Regular mold inspection by a certified mold technician is necessary to keep both your house and your family safe. Mold can severely impact your health, and it can cause disastrous damage to your home. If you aren’t having your home regularly inspected for mold, you are risking serious health and safety hazards.

Mold and Your Health

There are several species of mold, and each can affect your health in a variety of ways. Some molds are allergenic, causing mild to severe allergic reactions in otherwise healthy adults. Other molds are toxic and can cause serious injury, infection, and life-threatening health conditions. It’s important to pay attention to your body and be aware of the following symptoms:

-Dry and itchy eyes

-Dry cough

-Difficulty breathing

-Stuffy or runny nose

-Chest pain

-Pain when taking a deep breath

If you or anyone in your family start to have these reactions without obvious explanation, it’s likely that there is mold in your home. Children are especially susceptible to the effects of mold. If exposed to mold long enough, children can develop lifelong respiratory issues, such as allergies and asthma. As soon as you begin to notice these symptoms, have your home inspected for mold.

Mold and Your House

Your health is not the only thing affected by mold. Mold can be seriously damaging to your home, especially to the structural integrity. Certain mold spores, especially those that grow on wooden surfaces, eat away at whatever they are growing on. If these surfaces are the supports in your home, then your house’s foundation is weakening by the second. 

Mold is also the most common sign of water damage. If you have mold, you almost always have a leak, flood, or humidity problem in your house as well. Water can damage your home’s foundation even further and can also cause issues with the electronics in your home. Water damage and mold can sometimes hide behind walls and between floors, but keep an eye out for these signs to help you tell if there is water or mold in your house:

-Musty scent

-Peeling or bubbling wallpaper

-Bowed or curved flooring

-Discoloration in floors or walls

If you notice any of these in your home, it’s a good idea to call a mold inspection and water damage restoration team to help locate the source and repair the damage.

Mold Inspection in New Jersey

If you experience mold in your home, you need a qualified and experienced mold inspection team to locate and remediate the issue. At HS Restoration, we are devoted to helping homes in New Jersey look and feel as fresh and healthy as ever. For certified and quality water and mold restoration, reach out to us today.