Flood damage can seriously impact your home

What Your Home Needs After a Flood

Floods can be caused in a number of ways. A heavy storm can roll through and leave rainwater and mud in your house. A burst pipe can leak water inside your rooms. Sewage backups can cause hazardous flooding conditions. When your home suffers flood damage, you need an experienced and qualified flood restoration team to help restore your property. By keeping a cool head and taking the time to go through the process carefully, you can get your home back to pre-loss conditions.

Home Inspection

Getting your home inspected is one of the first steps you should take after a flood. Floods can cause a variety of damages, and not all of them are immediately visible. A home inspector will be able to locate all sources of damage so you can get them repaired. The inspector can also find the cause of the flood, whether it’s a cracked foundation, leaky pipe, or an unsecured window. Knowing how the water got in in the first place is key in preventing further flood damage.

Flood Damage Repair

Now that you know what’s been damaged in your home, you’ll need to get it repaired. A qualified flood damage restoration technician can alleviate all the damage to your house. Flood damage restoration includes:

  • Removing standing water
  • Using dehumidifiers to dry out the air
  • Locating and removing any mold
  • Fixing windows or doors
  • Replacing flooring or walling as needed
  • Fixing foundation damages
  • Repairing damaged pipes
  • Testing and replacing electrical components as needed

The longer you wait to have flood damage repaired in your home, the more damage it can cause. Water damage goes further than just a stain on your wall or a wet carpet. Getting the damage repaired by a professional will keep your home safe and healthy.

Flood Prevention

With your home cleaned up and dried out, you should take measures to prevent further flood damage. Because there are many ways water can get into your home, you’ll need to consider all of them when protecting it. For example, homes that regularly flood because of heavy rainfall can install drainage systems in their yards to divert water. It’s also a good idea to have your pipes regularly inspected to avoid any old pipes from bursting or causing a leak.

Flood Restoration with HS Restoration

When a flood damages your home, time is of the essence. At HS Restoration, we’re available 24/7 to respond to any emergency flood situation. We’ll send our team of trained and certified technicians to your home as soon as possible to inspect the area for damage and begin the water extraction process. Once the area is safe and clear of standing water, we’ll repair all aspects of damage and work with you to prevent floods in the future. If you need help with the flood damage in your home, give us a call today at 609-975-0696.