Raccoon swimming in water makes crawlspace cleanup necessary

Water Under Your Home? Why You Need Crawlspace Cleanup

A crawlspace is not an area you go into often, if at all. Yet, there is the potential for trouble to be brewing there, which can require crawlspace cleanup. Issues that aren’t addressed in your crawlspace can lead to major problems and costly repairs. Also, these issues can cause the air in your home to be unhealthy. 

Crawlspace Cleanup for Moisture and Water Problems

One crawlspace problem is the development of moisture. Moisture develops in crawlspaces for several reasons. A home’s plumbing system often runs through the crawlspace. Even a small leak in a plumbing pipe can lead to a significant moisture problem over time. Also, water can seep in through the porous walls of a crawlspace. 

Since crawlspaces are not exposed to light and are often cool, water doesn’t evaporate well. It accumulates over time and has nowhere to drain. As mentioned, water leads to mold and mildew. Also, water in a crawlspace can lead to structural problems. Crawlspace cleanup is one of our specialties, and we know how to address these problems quickly to stop the damage from developing. 

If water is in your crawlspace, contact HS Restoration to remedy the situation right away. We are crawlspace specialists, and we know how to inspect and diagnose the problem. First, we remove any standing water. After that, we remove any saturated soil that may be contaminated. We also take out wet and damaged insulation. Next, we thoroughly dry out the crawlspace and dehumidify it. 

HS Restoration also knows how to prevent the problem from recurring. We install a moisture barrier if there isn’t one already or replace an existing one if necessary. We also install the proper insulation. 

Crawlspace Cleanup From Animals

Crawlspaces are also prone to becoming a home to varmints. Raccoons and mice are just two examples of creatures notorious for setting up housekeeping in a crawlspace, especially in the colder months. They can rip up vapor barriers, tear up installation, and leave behind a smelly mess. In this instance, a crawlspace cleanup is crucial. 

HS Restoration repairs the damage done by animals. During a crawlspace cleanup, we remove any debris left behind by the animals. And our industrial cleaning equipment ensures that we reach areas that other companies may miss. After the area has been cleaned, we install a new vapor barrier and replace damaged insulation. 

Regardless of how your crawlspace is damaged, HS Restoration develops a full plan to get it back to normal. In addition to drying out and cleaning, we also address any structural damage that may have occurred. And we make sure to add what is needed to prevent future problems. Not only will you have fewer worries, but we will also leave you with a crawlspace that smells better. Besides, your home will be healthier when the offending contaminants underneath it are removed. 

When you first realize something is going on with your crawlspace that isn’t right, it’s important to contact us right away. We are available 24/7. By addressing the problem as soon as possible, we reduce the risk of structural and foundation damage. A crawlspace cleanup is an effective way to prevent headaches down the road.