Your home's foundation is critical to well-being.

Understanding the Foundation of Your NJ Home

Your home’s foundation is one of the essential elements of a sturdy and secure dwelling. Understanding your home’s foundation can help you prepare for future crises, avoid substantial damage to your home, and quickly repair foundation issues if they should arise. HS Restoration excels in efficient foundation repair and is here for you with just a quick phone call. 

What is Your Home’s Foundation?

The first key element in understanding all aspects of your home’s foundation is knowing precisely what we mean when we say “foundation.” A foundation is the lowest part of your home, which bears the entire weight of your house. Most are made from concrete and are dug slightly into the earth. The use of concrete and digging into the ground both add extra stability to your house.  

How Does It Work?

The foundation of your home works as the basis for the rest of your home. Another way to think about your foundation is as the glue holding everything together. Without a foundation, you would not be able to build walls and a roof without it falling apart. Your home’s foundation is, therefore, key to a solid and sturdy home. 

What Makes Your Foundation Wear Down?

Unfortunately, not all foundations are built strong. Foundations can wear down. In other cases, the foundation can completely fail in scary situations for homeowners. Foundations naturally wear down over time, with erosion and rainwater washing away underneath your home. However, this alone usually will not cause significant issues.

On the other hand, drastic shifting and over-settling of your home’s foundation can pose a more significant threat to the structural integrity of your entire house. When this happens, the best course of action is to rebuild your full foundation to avoid the risk of structural failure. In more minor instances, slight structural foundation repair and building should suffice.

Get Your Home’s Foundation Inspected

If you think that your home’s foundation might be compromised somehow, it is a good idea to have it inspected. Signs of structural issues with your home’s foundation might include cracking drywall upstairs, doorjambs out of alignment, hard-to-open windows/doors, and foundational cracking between mortar joints. 

Stabilizing Solutions from HS Restoration

At HS Restoration, we understand a sound foundation for your home is critical. Therefore, we design our quick foundation repair services to your home’s needs. Stabilizing solutions use carbon fiber technology, which is efficient for creating a solid basis for your entire home. Some advantages to this method include more strength than steel and stretch-proof capabilities. It is also indestructible; it is so reliable that it has been used for over 25 years in the military, aerospace, and commercial construction industries. Furthermore, outside of the initial installation, it requires no maintenance;  also, you don’t have to sacrifice any current living space, and it looks better than other repair methods. 

Contact HS Restoration Today

Don’t put your family in danger with a compromised home foundation. If you are worried about faulty foundational issues, call the experts at HS Restoration today. We act quickly, are available toll-free at 602-534-5874, offer 24/7 emergency services, and are IICRC certified. Want another reason to give us a call? We have also received the top rating on Home Advisor and provide all of our clients with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.