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The Best Property Managers Do These Three Things

Rental property management can be a heavy workload for one person. Property managers often handle both the day-to-day operations and emergencies of multiple rental properties. Between screening rental candidates, responding to inquiries, collecting rent, scheduling regular maintenance, and handling emergencies, property managers have a lot on their plate. Whether you are looking to hire a new property manager or become one yourself, keep in mind these three things the best property managers do to create a positive relationship with renters and contractors alike.

Property Managers Should Create a Schedule for Routine Maintenance

Planning for every possible emergency is practically impossible. However, you can plan and perform routine maintenance in advance to reduce the possibility of an urgent situation. The best property managers will plan and schedule maintenance for common problem areas. These areas could include fire alarm testing and replacement, appliance upkeep, pest control, window repair, HVAC maintenance, air duct cleaning, and mold inspection, among other things. Also, once a renter moves out, routine maintenance should be performed. This can include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and HVAC filter replacement.

If the regular maintenance team cannot take care of this, outsourcing to qualified technicians is acceptable. However, be sure they can take care of the issue promptly. Performing this maintenance will reduce the likelihood of emergency repairs in the future.

Property Managers Should Have a Plan for Emergencies

While scheduling routine maintenance can help minimize emergencies, preparing for every situation is nearly impossible. However, the best property managers prepare for possible emergencies by having a process in place for a variety of emergency situations. 

An organized property manager should research and create a plan for a wide variety of emergency calls. A great strategy should include local technicians’ contacts and where to purchase materials. Also, any other relevant details that will allow a property manager to respond in a timely manner should be included. Having this organized in advance will create a smooth process and quick response in an emergency. Plus, this will also allow effective coordination with renters.

Property Managers Should Set and Maintain Office Hours

The best property managers understand that renters may call with questions or need issues resolved on weekends or during off-hours. Regardless, property managers should also set and maintain office hours for renters to reach them. Being unable to contact is problematic when trying to communicate with renters on time. As the face of the property for new and current renters, maintenance workers, or emergency responders, having established hours of availability is essential.

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