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The 4 Worst Effects of Fire Damage

Fires can wreak havoc on your home in an instant. When fire destroys the sanctity of your home, fight back quickly with the best fire damage restoration experts at HS Restoration. We act quickly to help you return to life as normal, avoid the effects of fire damage, and stay safe. Visit our website today to learn more about how we can help restore your home efficiently. Here are the four worst effects of fire damage to watch out for. 

Smoke Damage and Inhalation

During and after a fire, it is often the smoke that causes the worst and longest-lasting damage. A fire can be put out quickly, but the smoke damage can continue to linger and worsen over time. Smoke damage should always be treated as soon as possible, even if it appears minimal. It can leave a disgusting residue on your home’s surface and your personal belongings. Smoke also contributes to numerous health risks, including lung problems, breathing problems, and even heart conditions. Smoke damage and inhalation should be taken seriously, treated immediately, and monitored closely. 

Electrical Problems

While they are not always the outcome of a fire, electrical problems are a common and seriously dangerous effect of fire. When a fire happens, wiring can become exposed and compromised. Sometimes this is unnoticeable by an untrained eye, leaving you susceptible to electric shock. Act quickly by calling HS Restoration. We can do a thorough assessment of your fire damage and keep your family safe. 

Loss of Personal Belongings

Fire damage can ruin your home’s furniture, décor, and personal belongings. Often these items feel irreplaceable, and they might have been valuable. While there is nothing you can immediately do to get these losses back, you can act fast to avoid more items being ruined by smoke and fire exposure. At HS Restoration, we know you have already lost enough in the fire, which is why we work with each client helping them recover their lives. We treat every client as a valued person, rather than just a number in a business model. 

Compromised Structures

After a fire, your home’s structure could be compromised. This is one of the most common and dangerous effects of fires. Fire damage can go all the way to your home’s foundation and wall structures. Be careful while entering your home after a fire, and only do so if your restoration expert deems it safe to enter. Watch out for weak structures and keep young children away from these areas.

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