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Should I Hire A Professional To Clean My Floor?

Should you call a professional cleaning service to clean your floors? The short answer is yes. Professional floor and tile cleaning are essential to keeping a home’s floors in good condition, and many home flooring warranties require professional cleanings semi-annually to maintain the warranty. Aside from the warranties, there are many reasons that hiring a professional floor cleaning service is a good idea for any home. 

Professionals Achieve Maximum Results

These days, there’s an at-home gadget for everything. But no matter how nice it is to have a fancy mop or personal carpet cleaner, these consumer cleaning products do not hold a candle to professional technicians and tools for floor and tile cleaning. 

Think of your store-bought carpet cleaner, grout cleaner, and mop as tools to use in between professional cleanings. They help maintain the gloss and shine that professionals bring out during their work on your floors. But over time, floors will become dirty, dull, and stained no matter how much you mop them. That’s when you know it’s time to call the professionals in for another deep cleaning. 

Professionals Save Time and Energy

Cleaning all of the floors in the house is a hassle without the proper training or equipment. The chances of homeowners having the supplies to properly clean every type of flooring in their home, from carpet to tile, are slim. But at HS Restoration, technicians are trained to clean every type of flooring on the market and do it quickly. 

It takes the average person several hours to properly clean a 1,000 square-foot apartment’s floors for suboptimal results. Professionals can clean every square foot of the house or apartment in half the time, with better results, letting you kick up your feet and enjoy shiny clean floors without breaking a sweat. 

Professional Cleanings Improve Lifespan of Flooring

Floors see a lot of damage over the course of their lifespan. And that’s okay, because they’re designed to handle the spilled drinks, muck, and wear that every home has. But eventually, flooring needs to be replaced. Installing a new floor is time-consuming and expensive, but you can take steps to keep your existing floors around for as long as possible with professional cleanings.

Professionals use proven techniques and materials to keep flooring in good shape. They can help keep grout sealed, protect wood floors from scratches, and remove stains from carpeting. 

Professional Cleanings Improve the Health of the Home

Investing in the professional floor and tile cleaning is an investment in the health of the entire household. Improper cleaning can lead to mold development and introduce hazardous chemicals into a home. Professional cleaning services like HS Restoration always put your family’s health first, and the cleaner the floors of a home are, the fewer allergens, mold, and dust linger around the home. 

At HS Restoration, cleaning floors quickly and affordably is what we do. We offer 24/7 service because we know that life happens and our clients may need us during an emergency. We have the expertise and tools to make your next floor cleaning appointment stress-free. Give us a call today to schedule your free consultation at (608) 534-5874.