Professional Sanitization Services

These days, with a pandemic on the rise, basic cleaning isn’t enough. We need powerful, careful cleaning to help protect our communities from getting sick. HS Waterproof is here to help with that. You know about our waterproofing services, but did you know that we also offer deep cleaning and sanitization? Our team is here to help your family during the coronavirus outbreak.

What We Know About Coronavirus

One of the scariest things about the novel coronavirus is that it’s so new. When it showed up, even the top disease experts knew nothing about it. However, there are now some things that we do know. We know that it causes flu-like symptoms, leads to pneumonia, spreads quickly and easily, and has no vaccine to help people fight it off. We also know how the virus spreads. While most cases come from person-to-person contact, it’s important to pay attention to surface contact, too. The coronavirus can live on certain surfaces for several days. That’s why it’s so important to keep those surfaces clean.

Keeping Your Surfaces Clean

A basic level of cleanliness isn’t enough right now. With such a powerful virus spreading from place to place, your surfaces need more than simple cleaning. They need complete sanitization. HS Waterproof can provide that sanitization. We offer cleaning on a professional level, cleaning surfaces more thoroughly and deeply than you can do on your own with household cleaners. We go beyond the basics to reach all the hidden cracks and corners. We also have access to some of the most powerful cleaning products available. You won’t find these products in a grocery store, even during times when the grocery store isn’t crowded with people buying disinfectant. Our cleaners get rid of viruses like coronavirus, influenza, and many others.

Minimize Your Risk

Who needs our cleaning services the most? So far, everybody is at risk for this highly contagious virus, so sanitization is a good choice for everybody. However, some people do have a higher risk than others. Those people are pregnant women, older adults, and people with compromised immune systems. If your home or commercial building hosts any of those demographics, then you absolutely need to have your surfaces sanitized.

What can you do about the coronavirus? Don’t panic. Stay calm, maintain a social distance, and call HS Waterproof today. Let us help you protect yourself and your loved ones from this pandemic.