HS Restoration Real Estate Agent

How a HS Restoration Partners With Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate agent is a competitive career. When you are managing the expectations of buyers and sellers, your reputation is essential. At HS Restoration, we understand and we will provide a level of care that exceeds your expectations. When you need to correct unexpected property damage for sale, we’ll arrive quickly and get the job done. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at how our team can help your team and vice-versa.

Real Estate Agent Help: We Arrive Quickly to Handle It All

Whether it’s the current owner, an inspector, or anyone else, finding water or mold damage is a big deal that needs to be addressed immediately. When you contact HS Restoration, our team will spring into action to handle it all. We will work quickly to remove the water and remediate the damage. We won’t rest until the affected areas have been restored. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

HS Handles Make-Ready and Open House Preparations

If your client is still early in the sales process, our team can handle deep cleaning ahead of an open house. At HS Restoration, all of our professionals are IICRC-certified and proud of it. When you contact us to complete a deep clean, we will go above and beyond. Every surface will shine, and every square inch of carpet will be perfect. We will leave the home sanitized and ready to wow potential buyers.

Real Estate Agent Tip: We Make You Look Good

When your agency contracts with HS Restoration for on-going services, we do everything to earn your trust and repeated business. One way that we do this is by working quickly, cleanly, and efficiently. In real estate, much like in restoration work, we work based on referrals. We will do what we can to earn your referrals. We can build a strong partnership together. Your clients will appreciate the work we do as much as they appreciate you referring them to us. It’s a win-win.

HS Restoration: A Real Estate Agent’s Secret Weapon

For over twenty years, we have been working hard for businesses and homeowners alike. We treat every job with the same level of care, no matter who pays the bill. Our reputation speaks for itself throughout New Jersey. Don’t waste another moment worrying about an emergency real estate property repair. Take the leap and contact us today to learn more!