Water damage in NJ can affect your house

How Water Damage Affects NJ Homes

Water damage can seriously affect your home. Water damage in NJ isn’t unheard of, and although houses are built to withstand heavy rains and floods, you can still face extensive damage. Sources of water include leaky or burst pipes that leave lots of damage behind. Water often affects your home in unseen ways, making the cleanup and restoration more difficult. The longer water sits in your home, the more damage it can cause to various aspects.

Structural Integrity Concerns

Water erodes nearly every surface, including wood. Most houses are built with sturdy wooden supports that keep them strong. However, when water gets involved, these supports can wear away, leaving your home less than structurally sound. The water doesn’t even have to be moving to cause concern. Standing water can slowly eat away at the surface it’s on.

It’s not just wooden supports that are affected by water, either. Your wallpaper can bubble or peel, and water stains can discolor your paint. Flooring, too, can bow or bend when water gets involved. Water damages your home’s structure, including walls and floors, leaving your house less safe to be in.

Mold Growth

Perhaps the most concerning of all water damage is mold growth. There are a variety of mold spores, but each thrives in a moist environment. Even a small amount of water can create the perfect condition for mold to grow. Water in the air also causes mold growth. Humidity is a leading cause of mold in homes, so even if you repair the visible water damage, mold can continue to grow.

Mold is hazardous to both your health and your house. It can eat away at the surfaces it rests on, further damaging your home’s support. It also creates respiratory issues in anyone exposed to the spores over a lengthy period of time. Getting mold professionally removed as soon as possible is necessary to maintain your health and home.

Electrical Issues

When there’s water in your home, there’s a chance it can get into your electrical systems. Water drips from pipes can travel behind walls and under floors, mixing with the wiring that lays there. Water that puddles in rooms and on counters can seep into electrical outlets. Whenever water mixes with your home’s electronics, there’s a risk of shortages and sparks that can damage your home and injure you or your family.

NJ Water Damage Response

New Jersey homes see a lot of water, which means there’s always a chance for water damage in your NJ home. At HS Restoration, we’re available 24/7 to respond to any emergency water situation. Our team of trained and certified technicians will be on-site as soon as possible to assess the damages and begin working on restoration. When we’re done, it will be like there was no water at all. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage, so give us a call today at 609-257-4390.