Plumbers can help prevent water damage in your home

How To Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is a serious issue that can cause a lot of concerns in a house. Preventing water damage before it occurs is the best way to keep your home safe from mold, structural damage, and electrical concerns. Old or broken plumbing can lead to leaks or bursts that can ruin your house, especially if the water isn’t cleaned up right away. Plumbers can inspect your piping and water systems to ensure that everything is up to date and safe so your home doesn’t suffer water damage in the future.

Inspections and Updates by Plumbers

The best way to prevent water damage in your home is to make sure your pipes are updated and secure. The older the pipes are in your house, the more likely they are to break. But being old isn’t the only way a pipe can cause water damage. Extreme weather conditions and overuse can weaken your pipes, leaving them susceptible to leaks or bursts. Other household damages can also cause your pipes to fall into disarray, such as insects or pests. Getting a plumber to inspect your pipes regularly can help identify sources of concern early on so you can intervene before there’s any damage.

Basement Waterproofing

The basement is the most common place in a home to suffer water damage. Typically, the water heater and main sewage hookup are located in the basement. Thus, all the pipes are connected to the basement, and any leaks will naturally drip down toward it. The main areas at risk for breaking or bursting are also those located closest to the mechanics of your water system.

There are ways you can waterproof your basement to prevent water damage. You can install drain systems or sub-pumps to reroute any water that appears. Or you can also add reinforcements to the pipes in the basement to prevent them from wearing down or breaking. You should also have regular maintenance performed on your water heater to ensure there is no risk of breakage.

Humidity Control

A lot of water damage doesn’t come from standing water at all. The moisture in your house’s air can create just as much damage as a puddle of water, and is actually the leading cause of mold. Keeping moisture out of your air is an effective way to prevent water damage from taking hold. You can run dehumidifiers to help with the initial moisture, and you should make sure that your air duct system is clean and unclogged so the air can circulate properly.

Preventing water damage is easy with the help of HS Restoration. Our trained and certified plumbers can inspect your pipes and water systems to ensure that no leaks or bursts occur. And if you do happen to have water damage in your home, our technicians can quickly and efficiently remove the water and restore the damage done. If you need help with water damage in your house, give us a call today at 609-949-5062.