Don't let basement flooding ruin your home

How to Prevent Basement Flooding

Flooding in your home can be disastrous. Water damage seriously affects your house, causing structural integrity issues, electrical concerns, and mold growth. While you can get water damage restoration after the fact, prevention is the best method for keeping your home safe and saving your money in the long run. Basement flooding is the most common source of water damage in many homes. Waterproofing your basement and finding ways to prevent flooding in the first place can help you avoid costly water damage repairs. While it may cost more initially, taking measures to prevent flooding in the basement is more cost-effective.

Basement Flooding Drainage Systems

The best way to prevent floods is by diverting the water away from your house. Basements commonly flood because homes are built on lots of land that don’t properly divert water. If this is the case, you need to install drainage systems to help keep the water away. There are two ways you can use drainage systems to prevent flooding in your basement.

External Drainage

An external drainage system involves more work and costs to get set up and in place. However, this is a beneficial system to help prevent the water from entering your home at all. Exterior drainage systems will carry the water away from your house, so you don’t even have to worry about it getting in.

Internal Drainage

If external drainage systems are possible, you can install interior drainage systems to help remove the water that does enter your home. Floor drains can be used to help drain water that enters from water-retaining soil. You can also install sub-pumps near places of common flooding. These pumps will immediately attract and remove the water that tries to flood your basement before it can cause any damage.

Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement in other ways can also help prevent flood damage. Most floods are caused by foundation cracks or other structural concerns. You can have your home inspected to find weak areas where water might get in. For example, doors and windows that don’t shut all the way aren’t creating a watertight seal. Therefore, when it rains, it’s easy enough for the water to get into your home and flood any room of the house, not just the basement. Regular maintenance and repair on your home help create a waterproof seal to keep rain and other flood sources out.

Prevent Basement Flooding with HS Restoration

At HS Restoration, we know firsthand how devastating floods can be. Basement flooding is a serious issue that affects thousands of homes every day. Repairs for water damage caused by floods can get costly, and ignoring them only allows the damage to spread even further. Waterproofing your basement and installing drainage systems help prevent flood damage in your basement. If you want to keep your home safe from floods and avoid costly repairs or water damage, give us a call at 609-949-5062. We are available 24/7 to respond to any emergency water or flood situation.