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How HS Restoration Can Help Property Managers Get Units Ready

Property managers work hard enough already. These professionals are experts at managing a variety of different needs on a constant basis. From handling record keeping to appeasing current tenants and everything in between, the last thing they need to worry about is turning units over for future tenants. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at how HS Restoration can take the guesswork out of making units ready, no matter the condition.

Helping Property Managers Clean and Repair After Bad Tenants Leave

While it’s obviously your hope that tenants will take care of their apartments, this is not always the case. Most units will require some minor touch-ups and state-mandated turnover actions. Some units will, unfortunately, require a great level of remediation to get them ready for new residents. Once a member of your team has completed the walk-through and made note of the issues, it’s time to contact the professionals at HS Restoration. We will work quickly to repair the damage and allow you to lease the unit out again ASAP. Every day without a tenant is a day with lost revenue.

Restoring Units After Flood or Fire Damage

Floods and fire damage are another unfortunate problem that property managers may face. The damage that occurs will vary depending on the structure of your property and the number of units. Acting quickly to get the problems assessed and corrected will make your life in property management that much easier. Our team can go to work as soon as the fire is out. If there is water damage, we will get the surfaces completely dry. Hiring the team at HS Restoration is a win-win because we work quickly and we will use the best methods and technologies to get your unit back to livable conditions.

When Mold Damage Is Suspected by Property Managers

When water or fire damage has occurred, there is a strong chance that mold can begin to grow. A part of our plans for addressing flood or fire damage is to do a thorough mold inspection. Working quickly can prevent additional mold growth. The scary thing about mold is that it only takes 24-48 hours and a small amount of moisture to wreak havoc on your property.

HS Restoration: A Property Manager’s First Call

HS Restoration has been assisting commercial property managers with handling complicated restoration projects in the Cape May area since 1998. Our experts have seen it all and they’ve fixed it all. Don’t delay–contact us today!