Foundation repair for your home could save your house

How Do I Know When I Need Foundation Repair?

Your home is the foundation of your family, and it requires a strong foundation of its own to be effective. When your house suffers foundation damages, the entire structure is at risk. You want to feel stable and safe in your home, so it’s important to understand the signs of a damaged foundation. Although foundation repair can be time-consuming and costly, it’s necessary to maintain a healthy and safe life at home. There are many ways to tell if your foundation needs repair.

Visible Signs

When it comes to the foundation of your home, it’s often easy to see the visible signs of damage. Unfortunately, by the time the damage is visible, it’s become quite a problem to fix. But getting it fixed is still necessary to maintain your home and prevent the damages from increasing or becoming permanent. You’ll be able to tell if there’s foundation damage in your home if you notice any of the following signs:

-Cracks in your walls or floors

-Doors or windows that don’t align with the wall when closed or that stick when trying to open

-Gaps between doors/windows and their frames

-Sections of the floor that sag or bow

If your home has any of these symptoms, it’s time to hire a professional foundation repair technician to survey the damage and repair your house’s structure.

Other Signs for Foundation Repair

There are other ways to catch foundation damage before it becomes a visible issue. These don’t always point to structural concerns, but it’s best to inspect them as soon as possible, as they could indicate other home concerns as well. A musty smell in your home could indicate water damage, which is the number-one source of foundation concerns.

Water erodes the surface of your supports, causing cracks that could eventually break. Mold also grows most commonly in wet environments and can erode supports as well. More than that, mold attracts pests that like to eat away at your home’s foundation, causing even more issues. If your home suffers from water damage, you’re more likely to experience foundation damage as well. It’s always a good idea to have a home inspector survey the property to ensure that your foundation is solid. Anywhere that water gets in can cause damage to your foundation, leaving your home at risk for serious breaks.

If the foundation of your home isn’t secure, your life could feel as unstable as your house. HS Restoration is dedicated to helping families feel their best at home. Ensuring that your house has a strong foundation is key. We provide home inspections and foundation repair services to help restore your home to a safe and secure condition. Our team is available 24/7 to respond to any emergency situation. As soon as you notice a possible foundation problem, give us a call at 609-949-5062 to get started making your home safe once more.