Basement Flooding

Help! My Basement is Flooding!

A basement flood can happen for many reasons. A burst pipe, leaky appliance, or a bad storm can all cause your basement to unexpectedly become a pond. Regardless of the reason, you now have a lot of water in your basement and mopping it up is not an option. Here are some steps you can take when you are dealing with your basement flooding.

Stop the Flow of Water

The first thing you will want to do is turn off your main water line. Run the cold water taps around your house, then turn off the water heater and run the hot water taps as well. This should stop the water from continuing to flow into your basement. If there are any electrical outlets near the water, then you are going to need to shut off the breaker for that area as well.

If your basement is flooding due to a storm, there isn’t much you can do to shut off the water. When the storm has passed, look into ways to direct the stormwater away from your home by at least 8ft. You also will want to look into ways of waterproofing your basement to keep this from happening again.

Save What You Can

If it is safe to do so, then remove what you can from the water and lay it out in a warm, dry area until it is completely dry. There is always the risk of mold growth on anything that has been waterlogged, even after it’s dried. You will need to sanitize anything that got wet for safety. At HS Restoration, we can help sanitize and dry everything properly so it doesn’t grow mold or deteriorate further.

Call Your Insurance

Regardless of the reason, a flood is going to cause water damage to your basement and foundation. You will want to file an insurance claim and try to take pictures of the flooding and the damages. Most water removal services will work with your insurance, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Call a Water Damage and Removal Service

When your basement is flooded, you will need to get rid of the water and dry everything ASAP. Most of us do not have the equipment to get all of the water out of our basement or to dry everything properly. Calling a water damage and removal service will end up saving you time and money. They have the tools and training to clean up the water and dry the area completely. After everything is clean and dry, they will assess and take care of the damage that has occurred.

At HS Restoration, we know how difficult it can be to deal with basement flooding. We are available 24/7; as soon as you notice your basement turning into a lake, we can help get it back to a fully functioning basement. It’s important to get started on the water removal and cleanup right away. The longer your basement stays wet, the more damage it is likely to sustain. Check out how we can help get your basement dry and keep it that way here.