Home Inspection

Four Reasons to Schedule An Annual Home Inspection

It is always a good idea to invest in a home inspection before buying a home. But why should you spend the money on a home inspection annually? Here are a few reasons that a home inspection is something that should be included in your budget every year, and how it can pay for itself in the long run.

A Home Inspection Can Spot Issues You Can’t See

You probably don’t go crawling around your crawlspace or climb up on your roof very often. A home inspection looks at all of the places you don’t and knows what to look for. Minor problems can easily become bigger and more costly if not taken care of. A home inspection can identify minor issues such as leaking pipes and roof shingles that need replacing.

It Can Help You Can Save Money

Fixing minor issues will save you a big repair bill later. However, what a home inspector spots can save you money in more ways than a repair bill. Air leaks in your windows and doors can cost you a larger energy bill and make your air conditioner run harder, leading to your unit needing repairs. Little things like this can add up, and if they are fixed, they can save you money on your energy costs.

Spotting Safety Issues

Your home is your sanctuary and it needs to be safe. Electrical and wiring issues are not easily identified by homeowners until it is too late. A home inspector has the tools to test electrical and wiring issues and suggest how to fix them before they become dangerous.

When your home suffers from damage, you have to file an insurance claim. A record of annual home inspections can help with the claims process. It will also give you the proper documentation to prove that the damage wasn’t caused by negligence on your part.

Identifies Creepy-Crawlies

While crawling around under your home, a home inspector can also spot any bug and pest issues. Not only are these creepy-crawlies annoying and gross, but they can also cause structural damage if they are left alone. Termites are nearly impossible to see until you notice the wood they have been snacking on, and by then the damage may be too severe. A home inspector is trained to spot these pests so you can put a stop to them. Mice and roaches also chew on wiring and drywall, and generally live up to their name as pests.

We all want to save money and any sort of annual inspection or cleaning is usually the first thing to be pushed aside when we are trying to cut back on costs. However, the cost of a home inspection isn’t much when you consider the thousands of dollars it can cost to repair damage after it’s too late. The reasons listed above are just a few of the benefits of a home inspection. At HS Restoration, we want to help your home last a lifetime. We cover home inspections as well as water and fire damage cleanup, restoration, and more. Check out all we do to make your home your safe haven here.