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Don’t Let Water Damage Rain On Your Parade!

Water damage is one of the worst forms of property damage your home can sustain. This is because it goes beyond the surface. It creates a butterfly effect of further issues that can all be difficult to solve. Furthermore, these issues often go unnoticed for a longer period. Since they go unnoticed, their effects can be more far-reaching than anyone realizes. Plus, water damage problems carry with them numerous health and safety hazards. These issues can be particularly dangerous to young children, pets, and groups who are more susceptible to health risks. Don’t let water damage rain on your parade! When your property retains water damage, call the professional water damage experts at HS Restoration to restore your home as quickly as possible. 

What Does Water Damage Restoration Do?

Water damage restoration is a multi-step process done by the trained professionals at HS Restoration. We do this because we want to ensure that every bit of water damage is resolved in your home and leaves no lingering issues. If you are a homeowner in the Southern New Jersey area, then you need the HS Restoration experts by your side to help you restore your home fast!

Step 1: Inspection Services

If you suspect your home has sustained water damage, we will come out to inspect the property in detail. This will help us assess the degree of water damage, any associated problems, and create a personalized plan of action to restore your home efficiently. This might mean detecting any leaks in your home or other issues which lead to water damage, such as a sewage backup. 

Step 2: Water Extraction

Next, our professionals will remove any moisture from the problem areas to avoid contamination and health risks. We also thoroughly dry out these areas with dehumidifiers, fans, and fast-working air movers. We will leave no room untouched to make sure there’s no additional moisture hiding. 

Step 3: Finish Drying Your Home Out

After the water has been removed, we’ll work with industrial drying equipment to ensure your home is entirely dry. We even have specialized moisture-detection equipment, enabling us to spot any areas that might still hold moisture. 

Step 4: Time To Clean Up!

We also know that it is important to feel healthy and safe in your own home. This is why we always spend time cleaning up by using sanitizing agents, carpet deodorizers, and other antimicrobial cleaners to leave your home spotless. 

Step 5: Let’s Restore This House

Finally, we’ll finish off the restoration process by completing a detailed inspection to ensure every problem is solved and your property was returned to its pre-damage condition. Once everything is good to go, we’ll sign off on your newly restored home.

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