Mold Removal

Comparing DIY and Professional Mold Removal Services

Do-it-yourself projects have become increasingly popular as the resources and knowledge needed to fix up a home are more readily available. Anyone can pop down to a hardware store, buy some equipment, and look up an article online on how to do nearly anything in their house. But there are certain tasks that are better left to the professionals. Mold removal is one such task. There’s a large gap between what a DIYer can do versus what a professional mold technician can do.


The safety of you and your home is paramount when doing any work. For many DIY projects, you can practice common-sense safety measures that will help. For instance, wearing the appropriate safety equipment (such as gloves, glasses, and hard hats) can help prevent most dangers during projects. But certain projects require extra safety measures. For example, if you were fixing your roof, you’d want to make sure you had something to prevent you from falling, such as a rope to keep you secured.

Mold is one of those projects that need extra safety precautions. Because mold is highly toxic and hazardous, improper removal techniques could lead to serious health issues. Even if you wear a mask and gloves, it’s still dangerous to handle mold. Professional mold removal technicians have access to a wider range of safety equipment. Some of this equipment is industry-standard, meaning that it won’t be available to just anyone from any store. Most of the equipment also needs specific training to work properly. Without this equipment or training, you put your safety at risk when trying to remove mold on your own.


It’s good to be able to pride yourself on a job well done. And for many household handypeople, there’s a lot of work you can be proud of. But some work needs an experienced touch to ensure it’s completed the right way. Technicians are trained in removing mold quickly and efficiently. Their years of knowledge help them locate, identify, and eradicate mold as quickly as possible. Unlike a DIYer, a professional technician already knows the techniques, tips, and tricks needed to get rid of mold. If you try to remove mold by yourself, you may miss some of it, causing the spores to spread out again. If you want the mold removed fully, you’re better off hiring a professional.


Preventing future mold from invading your home is key to keeping your space safe in the long run. When you remove mold yourself, you may not notice or even look for the initial cause of it. When a professional does the work, however, they’ll locate the source of the mold and can provide services that will help prevent mold from growing again.

If you find mold in your home, it’s important to call a professional mold removal company rather than trying to get rid of it yourself. HS Restoration can help keep you and your home safe. You can call us anytime, 24/7, at 609-257-4390 to get help with the mold in your home.