basement waterproofing in egg harbor city

Basement Waterproofing in Egg Harbor City

If you want to avoid finding a lake in your basement, it’s a good idea to hire professionals who can handle the basement waterproofing process in your home. The expertly trained professionals at HS Restoration can take care of your waterproofing needs. Not sure what this process involves? It can protect your home if your home ever floods. The waterproofing process keeps out water and moisture that can lead to harmful mold growth as well. Here are a few reasons basement waterproofing is essential to protecting your home’s basement. 

Exterior Home Protection 

The most effective way to begin waterproofing your basement is to start from the outside. Experts start by excavating soil away from the outside of your foundation. Then they install a drain tile as the base. For this type of project, it’s best to call in the experts. It can be a dangerous job digging a 7-8ft trench around your foundation. It also comes with a high risk of collapse. Make sure to schedule the professionals during the dry season if possible. You do not want to end up with a trench of water around your home.

The installation of the drain tile is not an easy process either. Experts have the equipment and know-how to install this properly. They will take the time to seal the exterior foundation walls and patch large cracks with a mortar-based product. Sealant will be applied to exterior masonry for extra protection from water. 

Interior Home Protection 

If your exterior excavation process is out of the question or leakage to your basement is minimal, interior home protection is the way to go. Fine cracks cause slow seepage into your basement. This means lots of moisture and a damp room versus a full flood. If this describes your basement, check out the interior basement waterproofing process done by HS Restoration. The professionals will apply an interior masonry sealant to prevent further moisture from appearing. An interior floor drain system may be installed if numerous wide cracks or previous attempts to seal the walls were not successful. This process is similar to the excavation process, but it is a much smaller job and confined to the interior perimeter of the basement floor. 

Further Precautionary Measures 

You can take additional measures to protect your home against moisture and flooding. Installing gutters and downspouts can help. Directing rainfall away from your home will decrease your chances of water getting in. Make sure the slope away from your foundation is at a minimum 2 percent grade. You can also bring in topsoil to keep water away. Any time water pools near the foundation, it can be problematic. Clay soil can swell when wet and increase the risk of cracking and shifting near the foundation. Weather can also be a factor in this shift.

To make sure your home in the Egg Harbor City area is fully protected from water damage, call the HS Restoration professionals to begin the basement waterproofing process.