Foundation Repair

Above-Ground Signs That Show You Need Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair
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The foundation is the most important part of your home. Every inch of the structure above literally rests on it. If there’s even a worry that your foundation is beginning to shift or deteriorate, it needs to be inspected right away. Even a small change in the foundation can lead to seam separations, leaks, and other costly structural problems down the road. In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at the biggest above-ground signs that you need to look into foundation repair.

Foundation Repair Hint #1: Sticky Windows

The first sign that you might be headed for foundation repair involves your windows and doors. When your home is on sturdy ground, windows and doors will open easily every single time. If you find that your doors or windows are starting to stick when you attempt to open them, this might mean that the frames have warped due to your home shifting or sinking. Additionally, you might notice that gaps around windows or doors are beginning to widen. A shifting foundation might be the cause.

Foundation Repair Hint #2: Roof Damage

The second sign that your foundation needs attention may appear on the upper floors of your home. This is true because shifting or settling is more noticeable the higher that you go. It’s a good idea to periodically take a walk around the outside of your home and look at your roofline. If parts of your home are noticeably lower, it’s time to contact a foundation repair specialist to have the issue investigated.

Foundation Repair Hint #3: Interior Wall Cracks

The third sign that you need to invest in foundation repair involves the state of your drywall. If you notice any visible cracks along walls, this may be an indication that your foundation is beginning to settle beneath your home. As a foundation begins to settle, walls start to split away from the rest of the structure–leading to these deep cracks.

Foundation Repair Hint #4: Flooring

The fourth sign that your foundation needs attention may appear as cracks or shifts in your floors. This happens when slab foundations begin to crack. The flooring might not completely crack, but it may begin to drift away from the walls due to uneven pressure. Patching or replacing the flooring may not be enough until the foundation has been assessed and repaired.

HS Restoration: Your Foundation Repair Professionals

Now that you’ve learned about the four most common signs for foundation repair, take the next step to fix the damage. Call the team at HS Restoration. We’ve been repairing the homes of your neighbors throughout New Jersey for over twenty years. We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Contact us today!