Property Manager

A Property Manager’s Guide to Emergency Repairs

Image by Etienne Beauregard Riverin on Unsplash

Being a property manager should be an easy process. You find a tenant to rent a property. You collect the rent and you address maintenance needs as they arise. When they move out, you do a little make-ready work, and the process begins again. Unfortunately, there’s a lot that can happen in between the beginning and end of a tenancy. In today’s blog post, we’ll look at what a property manager should know about completing emergency repairs.

Property Manager Step #1: Addressing A Problem Quickly

The first thing to do when a problem arises is to get it handled quickly. When your unit is occupied, you’ll likely hear from the tenants. Whether it’s a broken toilet, a leaky roof, or some other issue, they’ll want it corrected quickly. If your maintenance team can handle it, all the better. For larger problems like flood damage, you’ll want to contact trained experts to assess and create a plan for repair.

Property Manager Step #2: Developing A Plan and Getting Work Done

Once you’ve hired a repair team, it’s essential that they have a repair plan that meets your needs and your time frame. This is particularly important if the damage is displacing residents. As business owners ourselves, we want to maximize your ability to make money and keep tenants happy. When you contact the team at HS Restoration, we will provide you with a written estimate and plan of action. Our team will work quickly but safely to return your property to optimal condition for all parties involved.

Property Manager Step #3: Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

No matter what type of work you’re having done to your commercial property, it’s important that you are satisfied with the work done. At HS, we aren’t done until you’re 100% satisfied. If you’re not happy, we’ll do what needs to be done to make it right.

HS Restoration: A Property Manager’s Ace in the Hole

When it comes to emergency repairs, there’s no better team of professionals in New Jersey than ours. For over twenty years, HS Restoration has been approaching a wide variety of problems for homeowners and business owners alike. Every commercial repair project is unique and our experts understand how important it is to receive high quality repairs. Every moment unable to rent a unit is money lost–at HS, we understand how important getting back to normal can be. Don’t waste another moment worrying–contact us today to learn more about how we can help property managers like you!