Real Estate Agents should know these signs of water damage

4 Signs of Water Damage Real Estate Agents Should Know

Buying a home is an overwhelming process, especially for first-time homebuyers. This feeling is why real estate agents are homebuyers’ best friends! Your experience seeing large numbers of homes provides knowledge of what your buyer needs. As a real estate agent, you help your clients get the best home possible. Therefore, knowing the signs of water damage is essential for a good homebuying (or selling) process.

Real Estate Agents Should Point Out Any Cracks in Walls or Ceilings

Once your client finds a home they love, your role as a real estate agent is to point out damages you see during the showing. One of the key signs you may find is cracks in ceilings and walls from water damage. As water infiltrates the home’s structure, the materials of the home break down. Also, cracks are often a sign of foundational damage – usually caused by water damage. Look closely for cracks as you walk through the home, and call out any you see to your buyer. 

If You or the Buyer Smell Something Off, Water Damage is Possible

Where water exists, mold and rot often follow. When mold and rot hide behind walls, your sense of smell helps identify the damage. As you survey the home, take note when you smell something “off.” If your buyer continues their offer, inspectors can investigate the smell while evaluating the house.

Watch for Swollen or Waterstained Drywall to Indicate Water Damage

Another sign of water damage in a home is swollen walls and waterstained drywall. To find a swollen wall, look for curved areas instead of flat ones. The walls of a house should be straight and even. Therefore, finding a curved place likely indicates water damage. Also, look closely for water stains throughout the home. These spots look like brown or yellow stains along the edges of the walls. Guide your buyer through the process of dealing with these if the time comes.

Look for Signs of Water Damage Around the House Outside

Finally, walk around the outside of the home, and look for ground sloping towards the house. When water slopes into the home, it may seep into the basement or crawlspace. Over time, the water also damages the foundation. The sloping ground around the house outside can indicate significant issues inside. Without proper waterproofing and care, larger and more expensive problems occur. As a real estate agent, look for these signs during home showings and guide your buyer through the process of asking for repairs.

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