Keep your home safe by preventing mold damage with inspection

3 Ways to Prevent Mold Damage Before It Occurs

Mold is a hazardous, toxic spore that can easily grow in your home. Preventing mold damage is key to keeping your home safe and healthy for you and your family. Mold thrives in wet environments and can survive in both cold and hot conditions. It spreads quickly and causes health issues in otherwise healthy people. If mold is allowed to grow or sit in your home, both you and your house are at risk of damage. Here are three ways to prevent mold from entering and damaging your home.

Act Quickly Against Mold Damage

If you notice mold in your home, you must act quickly. The longer mold sits, the more damage it can do. It not only eats away at your home’s structure, but it also causes allergic reactions, even in someone who doesn’t normally have any allergies. As you continue to breathe in mold spores, these reactions can lead to serious and sometimes permanent damage to your respiratory system. Calling a professional mold removal technician will allow you to remove the mold safely and effectively. With clean air and a healthy home, you can take measures to prevent future mold.

Keep Your Home Dry

There are many different species of mold, and each requires different surfaces and temperature conditions to grow. But all mold needs water to develop and spread. Keeping your home dry is the best way to prevent mold. This doesn’t mean you have to live in an arid environment, but you should use dehumidifiers in rooms that are overly humid or moist. Any water damage should be cleaned up immediately, and the source of the water damage fixed to prevent future concerns. By removing water as soon as it enters your home, you’re cutting off mold’s source and preventing damages from taking hold.

Get Regular Inspections

Mold is a difficult household problem because it easily hides from view. Many mold spores thrive in the dark, and some even require it. Those dark, hidden spaces in your home could be hosting mold for quite some time before it’s discovered. Mold can hide behind your walls, in the cracks between furniture, and even under your floors and carpets. A home inspector trained in mold identification can notice the subtle signs of hidden mold and find the culprits easily. Having your home inspected for mold regularly, especially if it has a history of mold infestation, can prevent the mold from sticking around long enough to cause damage.

If you have or suspect mold in your home, HS Restoration is here to help. We’ve been helping families in Atlantic and Cape May Counties prevent and repair mold damage since 1998. You can call us anytime at 609-949-5062. Our phone lines are open 24/7, and our trained and certified technicians are ready to spring into action and help your home stay safe from mold.