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3 Signs You Need to Call a Restoration Company

We all know that when there is a fire or a large amount of storm damage, we will need to call in the help of a restoration services company. However, when the damage seems minor, we think that we can do the repairs on our own. If it doesn’t seem bad, we may even leave it alone. There are a few ways you can tell that the problem is getting worse and you need a restoration service to help.

An Odd Smell

Water damage isn’t always visible. If there is a small leak somewhere in the wall or your crawlspace, you may not notice the water. What you will be able to notice is a musty type of smell. Chances are if you can find where this smell is coming from, you will notice more signs of water damage in the area.

The cause of the smell is most likely due to mold. When there is moisture that is allowed to sit for a little while, mold can easily set in. In as little as 48 hours, a damp spot can start to grow mold. Once it is present, it is hard to get rid of. A professional restoration services company has the tools and training to kill the mold and keep it from spreading.

Discoloration On Your Walls

Usually, when there is water damage that isn’t visible, the problem is going to be inside your walls or your roof. A small leak that is dripping water isn’t going to be noticeable at first. Over time, you will start to notice some discoloration on your walls or even your furniture. This is a good indicator that there is excess moisture somewhere in your home.

Warped Flooring

Another sign that you are dealing with unseen water damage is warped flooring. When water gets in between the floorboards, it can cause buckling and uneven flooring. Check your baseboards as well for signs of mold.

Mold in your bathroom is common, but if you encounter it anywhere else in your home, then it is the sign of a serious problem. The mold itself can pose a health risk depending on what type it is. But the other danger is that when mold has set in, water has already caused damage to your walls and flooring. It will take more than cleaning to get rid of the mold. You will need to kill the mold in the area without letting the spores spread.

Once you notice the damage, it’s time to consider calling in a restoration service, such as HS Restoration. If the damage isn’t seen until it’s giving signs like these, then it’s going to take professionals who know how to repair the extensive damage. At HS Restoration, we know how to handle the water damage and restore the areas affected. We are able to work with most insurance companies and are available to help you 24/7. Don’t wait until it’s too late – give us a call today!