Foundation Repair

3 Signs You Need Foundation Repair Services

Over time as a home settles, you might notice cracks in your foundation. Most of the time, these cracks are small and are not an indication of damage. But the settling of your home may also put more pressure on your foundation or make it shift in a way that is causing stress on your foundation. There are a few ways to tell if the crack you notice is nothing to worry about or a sign that you need to look into foundation repair services.

You Start to Notice Cracks

When a house is built and the concrete dries, it will naturally shrink. That, combined with the house settling, will cause a few cracks to form. You can tell if these are signs of a more serious problem by observing them. If the crack has been there for a while and it’s not getting any bigger, then it most likely is not a problem. New cracks or ones that are expanding need to be addressed. Most foundation repair services offer a free estimate or inspection, so if you aren’t sure, then it’s a good idea to call the experts.

Your Door and Windows Stick

A sticking door or window is not always a sign of a bad construction job, or due to humid weather. If there is a problem with your foundation, that means that it is having trouble holding the weight of your house. The doorjambs and window sills have shifted slightly because of your foundation shifting. This causes your windows and doors to start to get stuck because the openings for them have become slightly misaligned.

If you have crown molding on your ceiling then check to see if you notice any gaps between the molding and the ceiling. This is also a good indication that your home is shifting more than is normal.

Water Gathers Around Your Home During Storms

As a foundation settles and sinks, it can start to direct water toward it, which worsens the problem. The dirt around your foundation is more porous than the rest of the surrounding ground area. One of the best ways to prevent foundation damage is by ensuring that there is adequate drainage around your home to keep water away. Too much water around your home could put pressure on your foundation, leading to even more damage.

Foundation repair can be expensive and time-consuming. The foundation of your home holds your entire house. Taking care of it and ensuring that there is proper support will help your home last for generations. However, waiting until problems get worse will only cause more damage that will be even harder to fix. At HS Restoration, we offer free estimates and inspections. Let our experts take a look and figure out the best way to help your foundation support your home. We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so give us a call today!