Basement Ventilation

3 Reasons You Need Basement Ventilation

If you spend a lot of time in your basement, you may notice that it is always more humid and stuffy than the rest of the house. It might have a musty odor that no amount of cleaning can get rid of. If your basement is primarily used for storage, then the air quality of the area may not be as noticeable. However,  you may notice that what you store in the basement ends up smelling like mildew. These problems can easily be solved with proper basement ventilation. The rest of your house has proper ventilation, and the benefits of basement ventilation can help your entire home.

Improves Air Quality in Your Home

The air in your basement is not going to stay contained in the basement. That musty humid air is going to make it to the rest of your home, and that smell is going to permeate your main living area. Installing basement ventilation will allow fresh air to flow through and help eliminate the humidity and smell.

Helps Control Mold and Mildew

A basement is a prime habitat for mold growth. You don’t need to have a wet basement with puddles on the floor to have mold. Any warm, dark, and moist area will start to have a mold problem. In addition to improving the air quality of your basement, having good ventilation will help get rid of the moisture that is trapped.

Did you know that mold spores travel through the air? If your basement is dark and humid, then chances are you have mold – even if it’s located somewhere you can’t easily see. Those spores can then travel around your home and take up residence in your HVAC, which will then spread even more spores around your home. Mold can cause a number of upper respiratory problems. If you find yourself suffering from allergy-like symptoms frequently, then mold might be the cause.

Protects Your Home From Radon

Radon is a gas that forms from radioactive decay of radium, which is found in small amounts in the dirt and rocks in the ground. The small amounts that accumulate through the decaying process are usually not harmful. But the gas can accumulate into potentially dangerous levels if it’s trapped in an enclosed space, such as an attic, a small room, or a basement. The basement is at a much higher risk of dangerous levels of radon because it is underground. It is surrounded by rocks and dirt that produce radon. The best way to disperse this gas in your basement is with ventilation.

Basement ventilation is not a home improvement project that people think about, even when the problems from lack of ventilation are causing some issues. By installing basement ventilation, you are preventing moisture and mold from getting worse in the future. At HS Restoration, we are experts at basement waterproofing and ventilation. We are available 24/7 for any of your water damage, mold, or fire restoration needs. If you have a basement, then give us a call today!