A real estate agent can help you make sure your purchase is safe

3 Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is a major experience in life. It can be a time of great joy – as well as great frustration. Choosing which home to buy is hard enough on its own. But making sure the home you choose is safe for your family is even harder. While a real estate agent can tell you everything you may need to know about a house and its history, it’s up to you to ask the right questions first. Here are three questions to ask your agent before deciding to buy a home.

What is the House’s Repair History?

Knowing about any damage a home has incurred in the past can help you prepare for the future. If the home has had a series of water damage repairs or mold remediation, it could point to a bigger problem that has not since been remedied. You can gain a glimpse into what might be needed to keep the home safe and protected by looking at the history of a home’s repairs. This might mean replacing the roof to avoid leaks or redoing carpets to remove stains or pet odors.

When was the Last Inspection?

Typically, a home will be inspected by both the seller and the buyer before it is sold. However, there are many different types of inspections, and not every inspector is guaranteed to find every problem. Knowing when the house was last inspected outside of the buying/selling window can help you get a gauge on how well the home was maintained before now. Regular home inspections show that the previous owners kept up on any cleaning or restoration jobs so that no problems became too large. A home that goes too long without inspections is more likely to have problems.

Are There Any Issues to Report?

You’ll likely be given the results of the home inspection yourself. But you can always turn to your real estate agent to help you decipher this information. There may be some problems that you won’t be concerned about. For example, a dirty chimney may not matter to a buyer that has no interest in using the fireplace. However, the inspection could indicate major structural issues or health concerns. You’ll want to get these addressed before deciding to purchase. Your agent can help you look over the inspection results and negotiate with the sellers to either fix these issues or lower the asking price so you can pay to fix them yourself.

A real estate agent is on your side to help you get the best home in the best condition possible. If you do buy a home that needs some repair work, you can trust HS Restoration to be on your side as well. We offer both home inspections and restoration services to help your new house feel like the perfect home. Call us today at 609-975-0696 to see how we can help your house-buying journey.