Insurance claims don't have to be overwhelming.

3 Common Property Damage Insurance Claims Mistakes

Insurance claims don't have to be overwhelming.
Photo by Paulbr75 on Pixabay

The home or business you own has been ruined. Now what? What should you do? Where do you begin? Filing insurance claims with your agent can seem like a scary thing, but you can do something about that: plan ahead.

Too many property owners don’t know what to do when disasters happen. The process is overwhelming without a plan. Worse, if you skip steps or rush things, it can cost time, money, and frustration. Three big mistakes people make are not having a home inventory, not having enough documentation, and not maintaining their property.

Insurance Claims Mistake 1: No Home Inventory

You are busy. There are only so many things you can do in a day, so why worry about a home inventory? Believe it or not, it will save you time and money! Taking just a little time to make a list will give you peace of mind, too. It all comes down to insurance claims.

Why? When there is property damage, you want to replace things like clothing, furniture, and electronics. If there is no home inventory, your insurance will not replace all missing items.

What is a home inventory? Basically, it is a list of your belongings. The best way to begin is by walking through each room and taking pictures. Focus on furniture, appliances, electronics, and valuable items.

Then, you need to organize your list by category and add brief descriptions. After that, you need to assign a value to each item. If you buy a new valuable, add it to the list right away, so you don’t forget!

Create a value estimate of things like clothing and kitchenware. Finally, write down all the serial numbers of electronics and appliances.

Insurance Claims Mistake 2: Not Enough Documentation

When disaster hits, it’s important to document all damage to your property. What does that mean? Take pictures of all damage to your building, land, and belongings. If you have a home inventory with pictures, you can show the before and after.

If you show proof of your property damage, your insurance claims process will go faster. You will also have an easier time getting what you are entitled to.

Insurance Claims Mistake 3: Not Maintaining Your Property

You may not know this, but insurance companies will not pay for neglect. They cover unexpected damage, not what could be prevented. The best thing to do is have an annual inspection. That way, you know if something needs to be fixed or cleaned.

Where do you start? Chose professionals like HS Restoration to inspect your property. They will look for safety hazards and problems you can’t see. Even better, home inspections will save you money!

Leave it to the team at HS Restoration to find things like leaky pipes, windows, or ducts. When you maintain your home, your utility bills will be lower. You can also prevent costly repairs. We will give you documentation and pictures of the damage and recommend the best repair companies.

How do home inspections help with disaster insurance claims? Insurance companies will cover sudden damage to a water pipe. They won’t cover a leaky roof you didn’t fix, however. Being prepared will help you avoid making a claim in the first place!